quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

Pretty covers!

From Australia a nice 09-09-09 cover. A big surprise with another great gift inside, a new card for my Unesco collection, the Blue Mountains!

One of my favorite Estonian issues, these dedicated to animals. And there's the new one, dedicated to the arctus bear.

From icy Finland, a pretty cover with Aurora Borealis stamps and a special postmark!

From France a huge minisheet! Unfortunately you can hardly see the postmark here but I can assure, it has 4 cancellations "Musée de la Poste - Paris" on it! ;)

And from The Netherlands another cover with the "MooiNederland" stamps! Simply beautiful!

sábado, 12 de setembro de 2009

Summer mail

Some of the covers I received in the last 3 months, from 3 continents.


From the american continent I only received one cover, but it shows how pretty were the old american stamps. I wish they will be issued again... :'(


From China, a big cover with big stamps. I love the chinese writing on the postmark!

From India, a very interesting small envelope almost covered with stamps!

From Malaysia, a mixture of themes with a good result!

And from Taiwan, a special cover dedicated to the Deaflympics, hold in Taipei. Very beautiful cancelation!


From France, one of the best covers I've ever received. A pretty envelope with pretty stamps and cancelation! Merci, Jerome!

From Germany, a bit of creativity and simply beauty:

From sunny Italy, a yellow cover with Europa stamps, simply beautiful!

From The Netherlands, no tulips or clogs, just a lot of stamps! :)

And last but not least, Switzerland. And first an amazing cover with the 2003 Unesco stamps issue. What can I say? Sara, you are simply THE BEST!!! :D

The second, a good example with stamps from different decades with such a beautiful result.

And to finish, a creative cover. Why always buy your envelopes? You can be creative when sending mail, totally make your own covers!