domingo, 7 de junho de 2009

Lots of covers...

First, my "cover of the week". An issue of stamps from 1974, the year I was born. From loving Sara, who else? :D

Second one of my "cards of the week" - they were so many - with a matching stamp on the cover!

Now random covers I received in the past months that were waiting to be scanned (I have more but those are for another day!)

This beautiful Moomin cover was a very nice surprise with the first day issue!

A Christmas cover from Germany, with a publicity cancelation of Mexico:

Another one, with the complete issue, and sent by a non-collector. A really nice surprise!

Estonian stamps... can never be enough of them!

Collectors can't complaint about this Dutch cover cancelation!!!

And to finish today's entry, a cover from Russia. Is that my missing fox??? :D

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