domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009

Christmas is coming but the mail is already here!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Christmas arrived sooner this year! :D

Thank you all for the nice covers! These are surely the best presents I'll receive.

Australia, a nice surprise for a regular group.

Christmas wishes with a very nice wrapping! :)

Santa is on holidays at... Christmas Island! ;)

Austria, not a cover but a card with a very nice stamp and cancellation.

Brazil, for group 222 of the Philatelic RR.

Another one for group 222.

Belarus, group 222.

Switzerland, a nice offer from my nice friend.

And from another nice friend... :)

Danmark, group 222.

France, group 222.

Germany, group 222.

India, group 222.

Ireland, group 222.

Finland, group 222.

Japan, group 222.

The Netherlands, group 222.

A Christmas gift...

Ukraine, group 222.

United Kingdom, a Chistmas card that came with chocolates!

USA, group 222.

**this post will be updated when new covers arrive. Last update: 26/12/2009**

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