sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2009

December non-Christmas mail

Some of my last mail... not all, though. Maybe more to come in the next days.

From Egypt, my last acquisition for the Covers of the World project. :)

Finland, a nice surprise.

France, the Astérix edition! My favorite French after Jerome. :D

Greece, for the Philatelic RR.

India, also for the Philatelic RR.

Lithuania, an official card, a nice Unesco card inside!

Taiwan, a gift from a good friend.

The Netherlands, the 2006 mooving stamps. Too bad the movement can't be scanned...

Portugal! Good mail don't come only from abroad.

Spain, 2 envelopes from 2 friends. Nice definitive stamps.

Slovenia, stamps inside for the Philatelic RR.

Switzerland, more stamps inside and outside a good combination of stamps from 1954 used together with this year's stamps. Amazing!

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