domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009

covers of the week (except Christmas covers)

First, a place where I've been, that I loved, and where I want to go back one day: Bulle, Gruyère, Switzerland. Inside the walls of this wonderful castle I eat the most delicious strawberries with Gruyère cheese and I've seen the first Bernese Mountain dog. :D

Second, a place where I'm in almost everyday: Lisbon! This awesome French minisheet shows some of the most known monuments of Lisbon. But there's much more to see here!

This FDC was sent as a gift for the First Anniversary of my Philatelic RR at Postcrossing. It was a very nice surprise! The cancelations are also very beautiful.

Another speachless cover from Australia. One of the covers that make someone collect bird stamps! :)

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